Recent estimates clearly highlight that 60+ percent of all Google searches are now performed on mobile devices. Thus, it makes sense for Google to ensure the best experience for its mobile users.

Google Webmaster Central stated, “Starting April 21, we will be expanding our use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal. This change will affect mobile searches in all languages worldwide and will have a significant impact in our search results. Consequently, users will find it easier to get relevant, high quality search results that are optimized for their devices.”

Google's previous Penguin update affected about 4 percent of Global searches & Panda impacted about 12 percent of searches. The new mobile-friendly algorithm is expected to create at a whooping 40-70% impact with an instant boost for mobile-optimized pages in search results.

To take advantage of this boost;

  1. Ensure you have implemented a mobile-friendly strategy; if you don’t have the responsive designs, you can instead have a separate hosted SEO optimized mobile version of your website.
  2. Ensure Google’s mobile bots are able to crawl your website pages.
  3. Ensure each individual website page can be navigated on a mobile device.

Remain competitive and review your website for the following Google ranking considerations:

  • Is your website mobile ready?
  • Is your website built for speed?
  • Is your website optimized for search engines?
  • Is your website coded with security in mind?
  • Does your website include a call to action?

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