Here's some interesting stats! According to Ardor SEO, "There are over 2 trillion Google searches per day in 2018, but Internet Live Stats, an excellent source for making assumptions, claims around 5.5 billion searches done on Google per day or over 63,000 search queries done per second." By using Google Trends you can explore what the world is searching for.

Google Trends can help you get started with choosing the right keywords for your SEO
Compare different words or phrases to see which are searched most often. Enter a keyword or a topic in the Explore bar, then filter by country and category. See how search queries change over time and compare different words or phrases to see which words works best for your site or campaign.

  1. Open Google Trends.
  2. Enter a search term and search.
  3. Then, enter a search term in the "+ Add Comparison" search box.
  4. On the right side of the first search box, click the ⋮ Icon to change your filters.
  5. Select a location and time period to focus your search and click OK.

 If you'd like more help and ideas with Google Trends, just ask Google.